We have been very busy in Willows during our first half term back at school.

In History we have been studying the Ancient Egyptians.

We have learnt all about: how important the River Nile was to the Egyptians, the hierarchy that existed within the Ancient Egyptian society, the mummification process, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and what the Egyptians believed happened to people after death!







The digestive system and teeth has been our science focus for this half term. The children have learnt about how the body digests food and which of our organs are needed to do this.

They carried out their own investigation into tooth decay using hard boiled eggs and different drinks.

Look at our results!

In maths the children have been focussing on place value and then using the four operations to carry out written calculations in their book.

Our class book in English has been The Egyptian Cinderella. This is a retelling of the classic Cinderella story with an Egyptian twist! Poor Rhodopis, the slave, is bossed about by the Egyptian servants that she lives with. When suddenly, one day, she has her beautiful rose-gold slipper stolen by a falcon. Will the Pharaoh return her slipper? Does she have her happily ever after?

The children have really engaged with the story and have been able to write: a character description about Rhodopis, a diary from the perspective of the Egyptian servant girls, a balanced argument about whether Rhodopis has a happily ever after and write their own story based on the events in the book.

We are so impressed with their hard work so far. Roll on next half term Willows!

Miss Tod and Miss Shakesby