We started this term making our own dragon eggs, to begin our ‘Castles and Dragons’ topic.


During e-safety week, we learned how to send emails and wrote our own emails to ‘Uncle Morton’ about his dragon who had come to stay at our house.  We used questions, commands and statements in our emails.


In mathematics we have been learning about gathering information and presenting it in different graphs and charts.  We have used tally charts, pictograms and bar charts.  We have also been learning more about shapes and their properties, as well as symmetry.


We have been working hard on improving our handwriting.  Look at the improvements some of our class have made!


SATs… coming soon!

With the SATs fast approaching, some parents have been asking how they can best support their children from home.  Working a little each day with your child at home can have a big impact on their progress in school.   Below are some ideas of ways you can support your child’s progress from home.


    • Hear your child read. This can be anything – books, magazines, webpages, newspapers, even the TV guide!
    • Practise spelling the year 1 and year 2 spelling. Write them in different coloured pens, play hangman, write them in bubble letters or writing sentences using the words.  Encourage your child to focus on their handwriting too.
    • Learning songs can also help learning. Search for times tables songs, statement, question, command and exclamation song, songs about verbs, nouns and adjectives.
    • Don’t forget the children can use their school logins from home for Mathletics, Spelling Shed and Teach your Monster to Read. If you need your child’s login details again, please ask Miss Loader.