Our topic this half term has been ‘Frozen Fun’ and we have spent time learning about season of Winter and shared our learning in a variety of ways.  The stories we read and wrote about this half term have centred on a winter theme, and have been a super stimulus for communication.  Our art has also incorporated this theme and we have improved our skill at painting, drawing and crafting following a model.  We especially focused on the skill of drawing this half term, as this helps develop our fine motor control, handwriting, attention span and observation skills. Life Skills continues to be a major part of our curriculum and this half term we have worked on preparing a simple snack of toast and juice for ourselves.  We have begun to set up a mini kitchen area outside our classroom, with the help of contributions from parents and friends of the school and we are becoming very proficient and making toast with their choice of spread.  January has been full of fun and challenge for us all!



Our topic for next half term is ‘Happily Ever After’.