When we went to Beamish we went down the Pit, it was very dark and scary.

When we were down the Pit the man told us lots of interesting facts like children used to work down the pit from the age of 3!


Maples oct 2015 272

We had some time in the school playground playing with metal hoops. just like the Victorian children would have!

Maples oct 2015 299

We went to the farm and pretended to be children who had been sent to the countryside away from the bombs in World War 2. We were writing letters home to our parents.

Maples oct 2015 306

We pretended we had been signed up in the army. We had great fun learning to march.


Maples oct 2015 313

Maples oct 2015 317

In school we are learning to paint a picture based on a famous artist.

we have chosen ‘Bathing At Asnieres 1884’ by Georges Seurat


Maples oct 2015 333

We are also learning to mix our own paints using powder paint. The powder paint went everywhere!

Maples oct 2015 336